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Red-Green Colour Deficiency Types

Red-Green Colour Deficiency Types
👉 Protanopia: In this case, your long-length red-responsive photoreceptors also aren’t functioning correctly, so you won’t see reds or greens properly. Colours that contain red will also look different to you. Your rainbow will consist mainly of what trichromats call blues and golds.

👉 Deuteranopia: This time your green-responsive photoreceptors aren’t functioning. If you’re a deuteranope, your rainbow also appears as a series of blues and golds.

👉 Protanomaly: In this type of colour deficiency, you have some red-responsive cones, but they aren’t working correctly. Your rainbow appears muted. Red may appear as dark gray and every colour that contains red may be less bright.

👉 Deuteranomaly: In this case, green-responsive cones don’t work as they should. It’s the most common form of colour blindness. Your rainbow is most likely blues, yellows and generally muted colours.

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